Words With Friends 2-Word Game App Reviews

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Adware Shyte

The game is fine, I couldn’t find a “pay for ad-free version”. The ads were intrusive, between every word, and with long delays until a close/skip button appeared. When they did appear they were hidden and tiny and if you missed they tried to load more crap onto your phone. I deleted it after it started opening Apple apps like the App Store and Music. I will never use Zynga products again.


Crushing opponents in this game is the highlight of my day. It also helps build my vocabulary. Which is already massive. My eyes are up here, people.

Words 2

I have had 3 issues all within the last two weeks with the daily goals not updating. I have sent emails to the developer but it results in something along the lines of “were working on it.” Like the new version but to many inconsistencies.


Words For Friends is a great game!

Please fix glitch with ad

There is an app game as an ad. When I “x” out of this ad, the music continues to play. Even when I close the app, the music is still playing. So, while reading emails, on FB, etc., music is still playing. There’s no getting rid of the music unless I turn off phone and it resets. This is ridiculous - pls fix!! Update: Several days later, it’s still happening. The ad is Panda POP. Music is playing as I write this. Please fix!!!!!!!!!


Love everything about it!


Helps my mind and I learn new words

Words With Friends

I love playing Words With Friends. It is a mental challenge which my old brain welcomes. Playing with new friends can help build new bonds. Friends and family are fun to play with as well. Grandchildren can talk to grandma and learn new vocabulary words while playing this game. There are always clever contests available to earn more points.


Love the quick pay but I won 100 coins that disappeared. Also winnings are very little coins.

I’m annoyed by the seeds and farm thing. I have limited time. Can I opt out?

I’m annoyed by the seeds and farm thing. I have limited time. Can I opt out?

Unbelievable and frustrating.

I am quickly getting fed up with the solo challenge game. Words that are used are very questionable. Words like “noo, skyey, dauties, def, dui, eserine”. Plus, lots of foreign words are used and lots of proper nouns and names that should be capitalized are used. But when I try to use a proper noun it is not accepted. Words I think should be accepted, like IQ and ok, which are in common use, are not accepted. Plus so many words with no known definition are allowed. If the definition is not known, they should not be accepted.

Love WEF

I love this word game! It’s so good for seniors to use their brains 😊. It’s fun to play with friends and stay in touch with the messages also!

Words with friends

This is a nice pastime and I enjoy the challenge. My only frustration is the game’s valid and not valid word criteria. Obvious words are not accepted (GOJI??) ....I could go on....frustrating. C’mon.


Love this game!!

Love the game hate the extras

I love to play. I’m a total addict of at least 4 years. But I don’t like all the coins and mystery boxes and “cheats” and all that business. I wish I could just play!


I would love it a lot more if I could buy it to get rid of the ads. And not just for 90 days. Used to be you paid, I believe, $9.99 and the ads were gone.

Great Joy

It is wonderful to be able to play words with friends with my friends. I especially like the paid version, which is worth every penny.

Love it

I love the latest version with so many different ways to play.

Fun and challenging

You get lots of weekly and daily challenges which makes it fun to play. I also love the Word Master challenges and the Lightening rounds. Hopefully this is good for brain exercise😀

Great game

Great game

Great fun

Only game I play

Good but...

It’s a pretty good game, I play this with friends and family but the amount of ads is overwhelming every time if change games I get in ad including solo challenge and lightning rounds it’s so annoying please fix this

Keeps Redirecting to the App Store!

I normally like this game and how it is designed, but today, it keeps redirecting me to the App Store constantly! No matter how many times I try to open up a board to play a word, it just redirects me to the App Store for some other app that it wants me to download! I’m so sick of all of these advertisements on mobile devices, and how it makes apps, news articles, etc. sometimes impossible to use!

fun game. needs a challenge function

fun game. better than Scrabble. However needs a challenge mode. Rather than the green light and all the cheat tools, allow a player to put in any word. Then, the opposing player can either accept or challenge the word. If the word is not in the WWF dictionary, then the player who played it loses a turn.

Great app! One caveat

I really enjoy words with friends and the integration is great. Being a fan of scrabble this is a great way to play with friends.my one caveat is that I wish that the rewards and bonus notifications could be turned off or put somewhere you can check them. For my preferred experience i would prefer to not have to tap through those to proceed forward. Seems like a chore more than a bonus. Other than that...its a great app

Cool Game

Live the Lightening Rounds. Don’t see where I can turn off volume so can’t give 4 stars. Myredghj

Great game, but ads are awful.

30 second ad between every single turn in every game. Way too much. $10 to remove ads for 30 days? No way!


Fun to play! I like the solo opportunities. No so crazy about the ads. I know I could pay for ad-free, but choose not to.

Very good

Very good

More swaps needed

I’ve been playing a long time and not a fan of this new reward structure. Please bring back award of swaps, hindsight’s etc

Great Game

This game is a blast! Keeps the mind sharp.


I love this game but I miss the easy, quick convenience of playing it in iMessage. Please bring it back to iMessage! I love the shortened, smaller board for a quickie game with my friends.

I just want to play who I want to play

The game works fine with one exception. It won’t leave me alone. I use the icon badge to signal when someone has played on a current game. I can ignore all the constant irritation of games being set up for me, but stop turning on the icon badge for a game I did not start or ask for. I have all the game notifications off. This time it took hours to figure out that a game was started for me. I had to play and resign. That fixed the icon issue but another game has now popped up. If you can’t fix this, I will find another app that just wants me to be in charge!


Which you would stop sending me people I don’t know to play.

WWF addict

Love the new edition of Words! The daily challenges are rewarded by tapping and opening a gift. I love receiving up to 4 wrapped gifts a day!! The gifts are various amounts of gold coins with sometimes a valuable power-up thrown in as well. This game is my go to pastime to wake-up, take a mental break from the demands of the day, or to unwind in the evening. I have over 25 games going!!! EEK! I’m an addict!

Words with friends

Love the new awards

Delightfully Challenging

Always someone good to play, delightfully challenging, Words with Friends 2 offers a variety of play with friends and others who are matched to your skill. I love the lightening rounds and the solo plays. In addition, using the hindsight key helps train me to look everywhere on the board for the best move. Keep up the good work!

Enjoy the Game

But.....sometimes it doesn’t accept a word I know is a word. Frustrating!

Brain game

This game starts my brain up in the morning and challenges strategic moves. My friends play straight and don’t cheat. Still trying to figure out why some words are allowed which I consider abbreviations or upper case words and would like a better explanation. I personally don’t care for the gift boxes and side games but can understand why some folks like these things.

Love Love Love

Gosh is healthy to have a Words addiction? I do and now I wonder where the nearest rehab facility is located. All I can say is that this game is otsutnngiad


There are too many words with no definition. Also words in other languages that the average person would never know or use. Should be more relevant to country of user.

Word lover

Addictive and fun!

Fun way to expand your vocabulary

Yes, you will discover new words while keeping in touch with friends.


Game allows idiotic words that can’t be found in any dictionary, disallows words that ARE legit, and allows archaic spellings no longer in use. Ignorant!


Can you please get rid of the extra word game that keeps popping up earning useless points I don’t use. Very frustrating!it takes away from the real games. Who cares if letters are earn to make a word. Very distracting!

17 hours to be able to play again unless you pay

Everything is in the title! You don’t pay, you wait a day to play! Ridiculous lol

Great game but annoying extras

I have had words since the beginning. This version has been the best so far regarding game play. The annoying thing are the stupid pop ups for lame events and gift boxes that give coins. The reason I bought the full version was to not have to deal with pop up adds. You start to play another player and again stupid pop up for stuff you never get to see the out come of. I don’t know if I’m the only one annoyed but probably not. Stop the lame extras.

Lovin’ all the Mystery Boxes!

It’s great to get all the chances to earn so many neat coins and rewards! The Mystery Boxes are great too, especially when they give you chances to swap your tiles without skipping your turn! These keep the game so much fun!

About to drop due to ads

5 star game if the adds were not so long and after every move. It’s extremely annoying. If the adds don’t quit, me and all my friends will. That’s why you get 3 stars. Stop being greedy


Love playing word masters

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