Words With Friends 2-Word Game App Reviews

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Disappearing features

For YEARS - I have played Words with Friends on my iPad. And every week - without fail, I have worked to earn the Weekly Challenge Badge. That is until today! Normally, the weekly challenge starts on Mondays. Today - it never appeared. I wrote support - kudos to them for at least responding - however, their reply was inane and rather hysterical. This agent told me that the challenge is a relatively new feature, and not all apps have it yet. Uh, excuse me? I have been playing it for AGES. s9 no reasonable explanation as to why it suddenly disappeared.

Bring back Solo Challenges free first plays

I used to love this but the last two or three challenges now start off with the first game free but all subsequent games are then either 20 or 25 coins to play immediately or I have to wait 17-22 hours in order to play for free. What gives? These are only good for 14 days and if you don’t have the coins to play immediately then I run out of days for playing up to the final level .

App sends notifications even when it’s not my turn

The only notifications I want from this game are those telling me it’s my turn to play. Unfortunately, the game spams me with unwanted notifications like “Collect prize” and other silly additions of no value. There is no way to turn those off without turning off all notifications for the game, including those notifying me when it’s my turn to play.

I’d give you 5 stars....but

I’ve been playing this game for years, and loved the previous version. I’m a firm believer if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Some ads take so long to load, causing me to close the app down and reopen. I’ve also purchased coins for swaps and it’s really amazing how many bad letters are dealt to me since I started purchasing coins.


App has been doing some really weird activity lately. Upon opening board with friend it forces to an internet site or straight to the app store. No matter how much you try to go back to the game, it forces you to the internet site or app store. Has never done it before.

Well WWF finally got me on new board

I just do not like it, not consistent. The color is so faded ( board background & letters) they are very hard to see Brighten it up like the old board! The board no longer tells me I have games waiting I play one then have to go back to original board to see other games waiting to be played. Too much clutter on the app now. You forced the new board on me and I just do not like it. Oct 15 still do not like the setup the main board has way too much stuff on it. I would like to open it and my game is waiting. I do like the team lighting round.

Does not load on iPhone XS Max!!

Been using this game for years, but it will not load on my new iPhone XS Max! Contacted Zynga but no response! Not good.

Words with Friends

Great game, but sometimes shuts the game down at the end before your last play!

Love the game, would love a couple improvements

I love this game for many reasons.. and paid years ago to take ads out. Other than that, I don’t make in app purchases. I would love if the developers could improve a few things. A) conversations. If you have multiple games with a player, it’s hard to know which game the comment or conversation is regarding. B) if a word can’t defined, it shouldn’t be allowed to be played. I feel like non words get accepted all the time and it’s frustrating (because I wouldn’t have thought to play something that wasn’t a word) C) once a game has ended and been rematches, rematch option should disappear. I will rematch a game, only to have the old game show up in “next game” for another rematch. Then the other player also hits rematch not realizing I already did and 1 game becomes 3, which is annoying because I don’t want to quit a game but also don’t need 3. Other than these three items, I’m very happy with this game!


How does Boost work? It’s in the preview but nothing about it in help. Please tell us more.

You’re losing us with the new update

The new player experience is so gummed up and unfriendly, my Grandma no longer wants to play it. And she’s my main opponent, so we’re outta here.

Steals your points

Stayed up late on Sunday night to get points for rewards. Got within 6 points (with several hours to go)...played, got my 6+ points, however, points total dropped by 500. WTW??? Words either can’t track points accurately or they intentionally drop points so you don’t get as many rewards.

1 single player game per day

You have to pay to play single player more than once a day

Amazing game but...

I keep completing the whole solo games but time after time I find myself not rewarded with the badge ☹️😟 really disappointing! Please fix this

Solo challenge

I love this game, it’s my favorite! I always play the solo challenge, but the last two times I have not received my badges for completing them, what’s up with that? No sense of having them if your not going to give the badge for completing them!!!

Gotten Greedy and Ridiculous Gimmicks

I have played and enjoyed this game for years. Awhile ago, lightening rounds were added (free for now) along with solo challenges. At first, the solo challenges were free but only required coins if you replayed a round without waiting a certain amount of hours. Then the option was added that you could replay all rounds after the entire game was completed. Last month, the option to replay the solo challenge was taken away. Now, I think it’s back...Not sure because options change in a heartbeat...That’s a shame. If the lightening round changes and will require payment too, will erase the app...and now, icing on the cake....some kind of annoying “tinkling” or “chiming” going on in app....I couldn’t figure out where the “tinkling” noise was coming from here in my home...maybe a smoke alarm Battery going bad? A carbon monoxide battery dying?....no, turns out it was this app tinkling which was open on my phone. What are developers thinking?

Fix the Weekly Challenge!!

For several weeks in a row, I’ve not been able to play enough to meet my weekly challenge. Despite this, the weekly goal has not been reduced. In chatting with my husband and other friends who play, their weekly challenges are thousands of points lower than mine - so they are racking up rewards and their goal is not increasing. Patiently unfair and a really bad glitch! How do I reset my weekly goal to something reasonable??

Fun game but .....

.... some words are really words while genuine words (drey for example) are not accepted? Also can someone explain why after playing all my pending games there is still a notification of one or more games pending. If I open the app and then close it they disappear. Time for the game to be updated.

One star for the unbelievable amount of ads

Love the game, but quit because of all the constant interruptions for ads and stuff that have nothing to do with the game. Then they ask if you want to pay 9.99 per month not to see ads! That’s $119 a year!! You’ve got to be kidding! I would gladly buy the app for $5.00 or so just to play the game. Those days are gone for good, I’m afraid, and I am done with game apps. Waste of time anyway, and with the added wait time for those stupid ads, I really feel my life slipping away here!!


Flashy, ugly visually, stupid competitions-rewards, so much commercialism, unnecessarily busy visually.........just let me play the game without having to dodge your stupid comeons!!!!


It won’t let me play a solo challenge even though it says it’s ready to play.

Used to be fun before updates

I’m dropping out of words because it has become so bloated with BS gimmicks that it is no longer fun. There is no way to opt out of the time wasting prizes and such. It was a great game when you could play the game.

Counters stuck

I stopped playing for a while some time ago and returned to the game about a year ago. The counters on the profile page never seem to change, so I have been stuck at 2799 unique words played since I stopped playing well over a year ago. I am not sure why this hasn’t been fixed, but it is kind of annoying to see it there all the time. Even when I *know* I have used new words. The app has been through a number of updates and I even sent in a support message with no response.

Solo Challenge

Fun - but.... It would be nice if it opened! It says it’s ready... but it won’t open!!! Says 6 hours left - it won’t open!! Very frustrating!!!


Literally the screen is just pink squares and I waited for 30 min and it was the same... so it’s fake

New update is terrible

The new update has a lot of issues. I like that I can change my tile color, but the rewards are so annoying. I like earning rewards, but it was much better when you were able to click on them as they pop up rather than view that you're getting a box and not be able to click it until you go to the home screen. It's just an extra unnecessary step and really annoying.

Dating site or game?

I have been playing for years and lately it seems that it is becoming a dating site for gentleman over 50!!!! I just want to play without men trying to get me to give them my phone number... don’t they know there are dating sites for that!!!

New upgrade is a miss!

Please bring back the old solo play. Your new configuration takes all of the fun out of the game. I don’t care about characters or themes. I am Interested in practicing the strategic play. You have “improved” the fun out of the game! I resisted the upgrade as long as I could. We should have the option to play the original game - please!

How do I turn off the colored tiles?

The different colored tiles are disruptive to me. Is it possible to turn it off? Otherwise, I love the game.


C'mon, really? Way too many ads and no way to remove them. Doubt I'll be playing this for long.

I used to love it

I like WWF but recent updates/modifications to the solo challenges are really annoying. Waiting 22 hours to play the next round or spend 25 coins is kind of ridiculous.


Strip Chat is not an acceptable advertisement. I was highly offended! Unfortunate, I have enjoyed the game until now.

New version

I don't like the new version of Solo Play! 1- You have to pay more to play. 2- In all versions the wait time between games is ridiculous, especially if you lose now, there is no way to complete the challenge! I don't like the new daily amount you collect, hardly anything! It's become aggravating!

Made up words

You’ve been made aware of your app making up undefinable words and you ignore us. Good job democrats

Ads are ridiculous in this version!

I love the game, but in the recent version the ads are off the charts, it’s crazy obnoxious! Make one play, get an ad....one play, another ad! Zynga, I realize you have to make money, but good lord it’s awful!

New tile styles AWFUL

If you’re playing someone with a different style, the letters end up multicolored and you can’t “see” the words. I forfeit games with changed tile styles now. Awful.


I have no idea what the rewards are about. I just click on them. I don’t know where they go or what I get.😀. I do have latest version.

Stupid and annoying jewels and ribbons

I find the jewels and ribbons pointless and annoying. I also notice that the boxes are less generous with the coins and I never earn swap plusses anymore. I would feell more rewarded by coin and swaps.


I don’t like the way the rewards works now. It’s not nearly as satisfying to have to take an extra step to see what the reward is. Liked the old way much better. I like the game overall.

No Remove Ads Option!!

Any game with in app purchases should always have an option to remove ads! I like this game but this is ridiculous! Even more because the first version has the option to remove ads. Your 2nd version of the game should be better and have all the pros that the first one had! Smh!

Rewards glitches

Game is great for the most part but problems lately with rewards. Am claiming my rewards and seeing what they are; however, they are not loading for me to use. What’s the deal?

Facebook connection

Stop tellling me to login with Facebook. Not going to happen.

Please dial it back with the awards pop ups

I love to play but with the recent changes to the game and all the new things to “earn” I have to say it gets really annoying when after each turn I get 1-3 boxes of awards popping up every time. It’s cool that there’s this system to earn points, don’t get me wrong, but does it have to require a pop up screen and me tapping “great” each time? Gets tiresome and irritating when playing a lot of games in a row. Could there be a way to disable this or make it less conspicuous?? Thanks in advance

I love this game

I love this game but lately my coins have been disappearing, I just had $190 came back to the game now I have $179..can someone explain to me what’s going on ?

Too much crap

There are too many “reward boxes” that get in the way of the game. The notifications are too frequent. In fact, I have a notification I can’t get rid of....AT ALL. There’s no game waiting for me. The reward boxes are cleared. But the stupid notification square stays up on the app icon. It’s obnoxious.

Latest update

Meh. I’m not a fan of the latest update. The tile colors are a huge distraction. I don’t want to use my rewards to purchase colors, I rather have the coins and power ups.


I was forced to get this version when I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 12. I couldn’t open the original version of Words any longer. This version inserts ads for other games and plays bells and music after every play. It’s totally annoying. Now it looks like that stupid game Candy Crush. Bring back the plain version for people who just want to play an intelligent game!!!

Omg make it stop

I used to love this game....but lately it gets stuck making this awful twinkling noise and it is impossible to focus on game play. I have to either silence my phone or restart the app which takes a lot of time and kills my battery. Also there is no in game option so silence sound effects. Lame


I love this game!! One of the few that I really enjoy. Well enough to buy so as to get it ad free. But somewhere this past month or two , it appears someone wants to do a get rich scheme. Where the player was once rewarded with tokens for great plays, now you get two tokens if you ‘claim your prize’. Lame. Also, hints that were ‘affordable’ are like diamonds and oil. Way overpriced. At the end of the day, the developers true personality comes through. And his name is Greed. Let me add. How to complete ALL the event words for the BIG pink box and STILL be 5 points shy of completion ??? What am I doing wrong??

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