Words With Friends 2-Word Game App Reviews

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Many Advertisements

I like to use Words With Friends to play games and keep in touch with friends and family. I much prefer this app over the older Words With Friends app. The only problem is that there are too many advertisements and there is not a way to permanently remove them. I would be willing to pay to have the ads removed but that is not possible.

Can’t play-Ads are giving me migraines

Love this game. Are you going to get an ad free version? I cannot play until then, but will be back when you have that feature. The ads set off migraines. There are so many and they are startling!


My fav game.

Too many ads

I used to play this a couple of years ago and recently picked it back up...and wow, the amount of ads is annoying. It seems like there used to be a paid, ad-free version, and not just a rather expensive 30 day option. This combined with odd dictionary choices makes this game not as fun as it once was, but’s sadly it’s really the best way for me to get my “scrabble” fix.

The adds are getting over kill now

At first they were quick to X out of now that I’ve been playing all a few days there after every move starting at 15-18 seconds it’s makings not want to play logged out tonight

Go back to how you were.

Game is okay. Like it much less with all these new features. Particularly hate the prizes and coins and all that useless stuff. Not interested. Also don't like them telling me it's not a word before I've finished making it. The whole game is annoying now.

To many crashes

Good to play but the ads keep freezing then crashing my phone and tablet

Words with friends 2

6:26 pm. Playing game, pressed watch video, video comes on & plays &plays & plays & plays on , on , on. What is going on with this video !!!!😠🤯

Give me the option.

Give me the option to pay to get rid of ads. Some ads take 20 seconds to load and others take 20 seconds to play through. Do you know how much I regret opening this game every time I do, knowing how many ads I will have to sit through? I would pay money to stop these, and I know you would make more as a company if I paid you directly so just give me the option.

Update disappointing!

The game keeps crashing!

Drops games

Extremely irritating with no fix offered.

Good game, not good with iPhone X

I love this game and play it every day. Recently I upgraded my phone to the iPhone X and it doesn’t load. Please make this game compatible with the iPhone X.

Please get a REAL dictionary!

The game discounts so many words that are all in my dictionaries - Webster is one of the best. I started making a list and notifying you to no avail. The very first one was TEACUP for goodness sake.

Ads are over powering

I don’t mind ads that you can remove in a second or two. Some take 15 seconds and are really painful. The most painful of all was the Elite Gym Adams Callus Cream, both by Ad Choices. Please make sure ads are really short.

Free coins ☹️

Last night and today I’ve watched videos three times to get free coins and they aren’t going to my account. Temporary glitch??

Neat Updates From the Original...

Nice enhancements with the addition of challenges and rewards, but the word masters need some tweaking. How is an “easy” word master opponent in the "Downtown Abby" challenge dropping 40 point words like ‘hyperon’ on me? Seems suspicious. 🤔

Like the game, hate the ads

The normal ads are bad enough, but today there’s one from Dove that doesn’t time out or allow you to exit it back to the game without shutting down the phone and restarting - makes it not worth playing.

What happened?

I used to be able to spend the coins I earned to buy swaps, hindsights, and word radars. Now the only option is to buy more coins! Not good! Not happy!

Love this game, but...

Thanks for making a great game. Only one real issue: I can have my phone on silent and the video ads still play at full volume (which sends me scrambling to shut down your app, because it’s faster than clicking the volume button down to zero). Maybe it’s user error somehow (I’m not above that), but if my iPhone is set to silent it’s usually because I don’t want my phone to make noise, and if a video ad can still make noise it’s often quite embarrassing. Please address. Thank you again for the great game.

The Ads Are Ridiculous!

So many adds that I’m contemplating deleting this app from my phone. I don’t want coins or any other other in-app purchase that gives me no ads for 30 days. I’m an adult. Give me the option of buying an ad-free game and I will keep the app.

Make UK English dictionary searchable

We just celebrated the Royal Wedding, so why not make the UK English dictionary searchable, or make UK English available in Fast Play/Lightning Round/etc

Words with Friends 2

Love this game. It develops vocabulary, is challenging at all levels, and allows for chat between players. The solo challenges are fun when usual partners are not in play. Don’t like that the ads are intrusively loud such that one cannot play in situations where others may be disturbed. Sometimes getting out of the ads and back to play is a challenge. Would like to accumulate the rewards for use when needed. Currently, I am experiencing a glitch where a screen advertising games for purchase will not let me return to Words games in progress.

Adds and more adds

Too many adds!


Why have you allowed AAA to take over this game site? I am being held hostage for my zip code, which I refuse to share publicly. I am playing the old version until this is straightened out. The neverending ads also seem to be running longer and longer, as well as louder and louder. If this continues, I will not continue playing. How can one get rid of the ads?

Great game BUT.....

Why did you remove the lighting round with the recent update. That was the main reason I switched to this version????? Put it back please......

Words with Friends 2

I love the original game. But now words with friends2 has too many long commercials in between every two or three plays. It’s no longer as fun as it used to be when you have to wait and then wade through the commercials that are shown three and four times in a session.

Love this game, but.........

I love this game and play it all the time. However, ever since the last update it has run soooo slow. Too the point of being extremely frustrating. I’m hoping that this issue will be fix soon.

What’s going on???

I have been playing this game for 5 years. Love it have met and played people from all over the world. Lately I feel like its a dating sight. I will sometimes chat about the game, but lately I am getting hit on. My profile picture is of me and my husband from March, our wedding. I would have loved to tell someone from the game about it, but there is no way that I can find to communicate my concerns of harassment. This just started and it’s ever other game I start!

Not REALLY swap

Swapping tiles usually gives back the same tiles you “paid” to swap out, even early in the game when there are plenty of tiles left. I can’t remember the last time when the app gave me all new tiles in a swap, and I only ever swap two or three. “Swap” refers to exchanging one thing for something else, guys.


Doesn’t support my native language Polish. But developers reached out to me and are fixing it. Great game

Ads are...

annoying in that it’s the same flipping ads over and over and over and over again. I’m in my 60’s, don’t have grandchildren and how many times do I have to see a baby diaper ad??? Absolutely ridiculous. I’ve been seeing these same ads over a week and I now mute my game so I don’t have to hear the 4 seconds I’m forced to see. I’ve also run into where an “ad” is 14 minutes long and you don’t have an option to skip after 15 or even 30 seconds. I’ll shut Words down and reopen because I refuse to have a 14 minute ad run. I know the developers don’t care but I am about ready to find another word game to play. Very, very dissatisfied with Words now. :(

Love but ...Issues

This app is a great game. I pay to get the non ad version and used to be able to accumulate coins much faster. Recently the game has changed that and I feel pushed to purchase coins if I want to het anything (swap, hindsight, etc). Not a good thing. Second, love the new Solo challengers but again, if I don’t pay with coins, I sometimes have to wait 19 hours for the next challenger availability (availability is specified one you beat a challenger). This slows me down as I have to wait so long and end up rarely being able to finish the whole challenge as it times out. I hope you can improve all this as it’s affected my appreciation of the app. Thanks!

No longer works

The last update allows the app to startup but never opens fully. All my games are forfeited. I’ve tried full resets of both phone and app to no avail. If I have to delete this app in order to get it to work I won’t be reinstalling it.

Dear WWF, we need to talk.

Listen closely: *I DON’T NEED PAMPERS!!!* I am SO sick of the repetitive, untargeted ads I could scream. Your advertisers should know that an ad for a product in WWF virtually guarantees I will never, ever buy that product. At this point, even if I needed diapers, after seeing this stupid Pampers video 450 times this week, I guarantee you I would never, EVER buy pampers. Pampers is a four letter word now. OK well, seven, but whatever. It’s worth zero points. You have simply got to allow users a way to pay to block the ads. It used to be 10 bucks. What happened? This new version is borderline unplayable because of all the horrid ads. Seriously, you’re killing me, Larry!


I have been playing for years and enjoy it very much.However, it must have a virus because all of a sudden the screen went black and has stayed that way. So be careful!

Too many duplicate letters

I’m unhappy with all the duplicate and triplicate letters. I don’t play enough to earn the 100 coins each week and I’m certainly not going to spend money to get them. It was more fun when we could make amazing words without swapping.


I don’t understand why I’m not getting coins sent to me for a swap without losing turn. I was getting them for words over 30 points. Now the rhythm seems to be trying to get me to pay for them and getting an extreme amount of the same letter( in example: e e e r or i i i i). This is taking some of the joy out of playing. Otherwise, I love this game! And hindsight should be free). Thanks

Good but...

The ads don’t always close when I hit the X. I end up having to close the app and restart. Annoying. Please fix?!

Fast play

I love this new addition however, since last week it’s broken. I miss it!!! Fix it, please!

You give people a way to cheat

Let the players find words on their own you are taking away the challenge of the game. Time to find new game to play.


How many coins are too many? I can’t seem to get the coins I have earned because I am “full”. I agree with the person who wrote that this game should only take real words and not ones made up.

Ads need to be removed!

Ads are bothersome! I often get a black spinning screen. Please create a version for the iPad! Do enjoy the game when it works!

Latest update broke the app

I updated Words w Friends 2 yesterday and now the app opens but nothing comes on screen except the background. Glad I didn’t delete the original Words w Friends app which I like better anyway.


If you can get rid off the adds specially the same adds over and over. It’s too annoying that every single word the add will pop ups. Thank you

Weekly challenge points...

I could easily rate this app a 4 or a 5. It’s a fun and educational game. However, the one thing holding me back is the arbitrary number of points needed for the weekly challenge from player to player. For some players, the number of points for the weekly challenge is 9250 points or more. For others, it’s much less. The game loses it’s appeal when the number of points for the weekly challenge feels like work.

Words without a definition=gibberish

As a poet, I love words—I even appreciate the advent of new ones (thank you, Shakespeare) but the definition of “word” is that it have one! Words with Friends has been a terrific game for me but allowing my opponents to score with “words that do not (yet) have a definition” makes a travesty of the game— Why not just allow gibberish!? Please disallow Non-Words! We all need to protect English (and other languages). I understand and appreciate disallowing racial, and the more egregious sexist, slurs—but please respect the game and the language: Ban the Undefined! Respectfully, Sam Benedict


Please get rid of the ads. I’ve been playing and enjoying this game for years without ads n if I’m not mistaken I believe I paid a small fee so I didn’t have to watch those freakin ads. So I would appreciate your attention on this matter ! I also agree on the hindsight matter, it should be unlimited because it’s pointless because we’ve already made our move.... Thank you and may the best friend win !!

Good game, noisy ads

I don’t mind ads on a free app but these have audio. There is a mute button, but you have to hit the mute button before it blares. Or silence your phone. I like to play quietly by my spouse while we are watching tv and not have to remember to un-silence my phone every time I play a word. I have quite a few reminders that I use so silencing my phone messes me up. I would delete it but my mother-in-law loves it and it’s one thing we can do together. The game itself is nice. Not glitchy, easy to use, and it’s pleasing to look at.

Swap button stick

Have to hold swap button down a long time to get it to work. Hopefully it can be fixed in an update soon. Thank you.

Great game but...

The solo challenges shouldn’t need coins...and shouldn’t be every 4 weeks. It’s fun to play someone right there...so let’s not delay. Also the ads are fine but SO MANY and hiding the x? Let’s keep it in check.

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