Words With Friends 2-Word Game App Reviews

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Trying to get it on my I Phone but it starts me up new????


Good but one flaw

This game is AWESOME but I’d say 1/2 the ads that come up I can’t get out of so I have to close the game and get back into it! So frustrating! I hope this can be fixed!

Ads are a huge distraction

Great game. Great implemenatation. Used to be, anyway. But two huge steps backwards from previous versions. One, it does not appear it can be played using iMessage anymore. Two, the relentless ads are just too much to handle. Especially for a word game where focus is desirable. Locks you into gaming screens for games they are trying to sell you in between rounds, nonway out other than to exit out and restart. Also very much dislike the game management screen where it constantly tries to harness your social media account sign-ins. Ask me once or twice, then leave it alone! Too bad! Used to be awesome. Now I think I will try the latest iOS iteration of that original word tile game to see if they have improved it. It cant be any worse than this. ☹️

Great game with a catch

I personally would have rated this game a 5/5 if it weren’t for those pesky ads, there isn’t even an option to buy the game and rid yourself of them. The game is fairly balanced when concerning coins and the lighting round is a nice touch.

The amount of ads is obnoxious

The game overall is really fun. But the amount of ads is absolutely obnoxious. It’s completely unneeded and almost makes the game annoying to play.

Dictionary needs work

All the crap words allowed...some of which the game can’t even provide a definition for...yet actual words are disallowed. If you can’t provide a definition, it’s not a word! If I can google something and find a definition, it’s probably a word. I wouldn’t give such a low rating based on that alone. There’s also the propensity for the game to “choose” a winner and dole out letters accordingly (all vowels or all consonants repeatedly to the one who isn’t supposed to win). Most importantly, the game keeps getting less and less like Scrabble, and more an affront to wordies. I don’t want to have to wonder if I’m playing someone who uses the cheats. A word game lover would find no satisfaction in winning by cheating.

Word Choices

I don't like how the words played can be proper nouns and slang.

Ruined it!

Changes with W2! Very displeased with ALL that has changed it from good word game like SCRABBLE, to coin selling...And all of the additions where suggestions are made, and free swaps, etc and more etc! Back to SCRABBLE, A PURE WORD GAME no bells and whistles that detract from what WWF had been... A word game....Plan to leave this W2 Mess-up! Pleased to have an email and report further: having found a way to return to WORDS WITH FRIENDS———as a true WORD game, having now the “W” logo rather than the “W2” app logo (and losing the undesirable elements, such using coins to acquire....ANY AND ALL of the supposed enhancements....to what was at first similar to and perhaps a bit of an improvement upon SCRABBLE ,which still is a word game. Bottom line now: when I attempt to play via the return to the older version.....I am required to deal with a screen block ....back to the .....W 2 ...with...which I will not proceed

Too many ads!

So annoying to have to see an ad after each turn. Plus, the one ad for Pearl's Perils has no X at top to close it out to get back to WWF. I was forced to download the unwanted app and then shut down my iPad. Please fix this glitch! And offer an AD FREE version. Also, as a long time playing Scrabble or WWF player, I object to the new rule allowing no loss of turn when swapping tiles. Come on!

WAS great, NOW eh....

Ok so this game used to be great. You would get rewarded coins per word you played. Now you only get them through daily awards it’s a whole..... 2 coins!!!! Oh yaaaayyyy!!!! Two? No way! Yes two coins... so if it would go back to normal where you got coins for the words you played and maybe there was more challenges i.e. win certain amount of games or score this many points or something like that.

Great update!

It's a great update to words with friends, I still miss the simple simple version, but this is still a fun game. I would love if I could challenge the person who played the highest score on a word. That would be excellent!

Love this app but hate the ads

Terrific game...so many extras you don’t find in typical apps. But it’s ruined for me with the incessant HandM ads. The ads constantly cause my phone to freeze and I have to restart the phone to unfreeze the app. Disappointing.

Don’t like the new version!!

First of all, why do you have to install a new app instead of updating the old one?? This version doesn’t tell you that you have an unacceptable word until after you send it. The previous version tells you as soon as you try to send it.


It’s unfair to have the coins stop adding up at 1500 coins.

Used to be Great Game!

Been playing for 6 years continuously and love it! Payed a couple bucks 5 years ago and haven’t seen an ad since. Update: been playing WWF2 since I wrote the above review. Went from 5 stars to 2 due to reward notifications that block all or part of a game I’m playing. Very annoying. Over the years this app has improved constantly until now.

Not liking this version

I hate the graphics of this version. I will stick to the original until you end it.

Can’t ditch the ads

I came back to WWF after a couple of years only to discover that the game is listed with ads that seem impossible to remove. There is no option in Settings to Remove Ads. Sadly, I’ve given up on this game

Words with Friends

new UI is way too busy. too much useless crap on the index page. it used to be my games were right there, now I have to scroll down past what seems like ads and other crap, and I've paid for a no ad experience. not sure how much long I'll play this game. I think I'll try scrabble.


Ad Ridden with lots of extra garbage! I liked the simplicity of the first WWF... not this unplayable garbage😡

Words with friends

I believe That they should add a donation of coins to other players if they do not have and that will improve the game 10x better type yes if you agree.

Too many ads

Way too many ads. After every play I have to watch a stupid video for some random game....no way to bypass or buy out. Too bad, this is a fun game to play. Deleted it.

Love the game but.....

My friend and I recently had a few seconds of awful pornography came on the screen at different times when playing the game and I was text on game. Please fix it!!

Will not download

On iPad.

Good game, but a money hungry developer.

The game is a good classic. Everybody that I know loves scrabble. But on this game, there are so. Many. Ads. After each turn there is an add that you have to click out of immoderately, or wait the typical 5 second delay before the button pops up. Sometimes you’ll have to click out of a second window for the add after you close the first. Sometimes you can’t hit the close button on the ad for some reason and I have to force close the app to get back into it. The game itself has an ad at the top of every window that you’re in, and also tries to get you to buy micro transactions for power ups. If there was a paid version with no ads, I would buy it. Who cares about the power ups? They can still sell them. But they don’t make a paid version that I’ve been able to find. I understand that a company has to make money, but seriously. There is no way that this app has shied away from in the revenue section.

App crashes a lot.

I have an iPhone 7 and after I logout of this new version, Words With Friends 2, it won’t let me log back in. I keep getting this hazy screen and end up having to delete the app and reinstall it to get back into the game. Other than that, I enjoy it and the new features.


The game’s computer players play words that are made up and somehow the developers agree with their words. “tho” is not a word! (Last word played against me that wasn’t actually a word

Keeps starting unwanted games.

Unbelieveably obtrusive! It keeps starting new games with my friends automatically that i dont want....it says it's my move, but nobody started the game. Uninstalling until it stops that.

Where are my games?

Switching to the new app has caused me to lose my games, so I’ll keep using the old one.


I have upgraded to this version and I am no longer able to sign in. It continues to bring up a connection error. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it twice. Not a fun experience thus far.

Been going downhill for a long time

I’ve been using it since it pretty much first came out I think, and while I still enjoy playing the game itself with friends, I’ve come to truly hate the interface and all the distractions that the developers have piled on. The new version is just to my mind pointless and juvenile. Nonintuitive, and the main screen is so loaded with self promoting banner ads that you literally cannot see the games themselves unless you scroll down. Yeah, yeah, I know, another first world problem. LOL. But seriously, I am a paid user, and what I would like to see in an interface is minimal hyperbole. No, I don’t want to start a game with somebody I don’t know and I don’t care about the game of the day. Also, I don’t wanna have to punch a little button saying OK great for the two measly points that they dole out every day. It isn’t worth the effort for two coins. In fact just two points a day means it will take 50 days to get enough to purchase five word radars. Not that I care because I don’t use them and that is my point. I think all that garbage and I do mean garbage (for me not for everybody). should be opt in, not opt out. The game has more or less become nagware. I wish the developers would consider making these things optional so that some of us can continue to just enjoy the game without all the other things. I would happily pay a couple of bucks every year for that, instead of being subjected daily to answer a lot of irritating little attempts to monetize the app. And really I think it’s a more honest way to do it and, frankly, if people don’t want to spend a couple dollars on a game they really need to think about it. I mean really, just a frozen coffee drink even at McDonald’s is three or four dollars. But I will say I’m glad they got rid of that ridiculous feature that would enable a GIF to show on screen every time you laid your phone down. So, one step forward 12 steps back. Come on developers, do more beta testing and get some feedback and listen to the people that don’t agree with you.

To many Ads!

I used to have the words with friends that had no ads? (Paid Version) After one game I have had enough of closing out ads so you can get back the game,,,,

Too many interruptions

I found this game again on my old iPad and it was awesome. I started playing again last week. But when I tried to get it on my iPhone I could only get Words with Friends version 2, and was I bombarded with ads and prompts to play different games after every move. It’s totally disruptive and I can’t imagine how anyone can play this without becoming irritated. I am curious if there is a way to get version without ads? I hope you guys make some changes because it’s a turn off. I used to own zinga stock and could never figure out why it wan’t doing well and now I know.

Frustrated with ads!!!!!

I’m almost ready to stop playing this game. The amount of ads is ridiculous. I spend more time waiting for ads to finish playing than I do actually playing the game. Why is there no ad free version???

Hangs on iPhone X, iOS 11.2

Great game but it hangs on my iPhone X, updated to iOS 11.2, right after splash screen - can’t play now

Pay to remove ads option!?

Seriously I’ll pay 9.99 for that ... but even more seriously this app kills battery life. And I request a solo high score mode where you just play yourself.

Where Are My Points

I really like playing Words with Friends 2. Love the solo challenge and lightning rounds. However for some reason I stopped accumulating points. I'm at 1792 and every day it gives me reward points that disappear. WTH? Am I doing something wrong? They contacted me and said there is a 1500 coin limit so I can't earn anymore until I spend 292. lol I guess this happened when I switched to the newer version. Why a limit? Not sure!

Not really an improvement

Words with Friends has been the most reliable online Scrabble game, with the fewest connection issues and the most helpful features. Words with Friends 2 adds a lot more animation that slows things down, and “rewards” that I don’t need (for “coins” I don’t use), and the notifications of those rewards block the top of the screen for too long, so I can’t see which game I’m playing against whom, and what the score is. At least half the time I play the games in regular WWF, though I know they’ll stop maintaining it at some point. P.S. I’d like to turn off the feature that tells me I have no moves left.

Ads ads ads

The amount of advertisements you have to navigate is ridiculous and make game nearly impossible to play. Sad bc I enjoy it.


Reviewing completed games needs to be a much quicker process. As of now it takes several seconds of animation and taps to discard. Should just be a single swipe and a tap to delete. No need to look at a played game. Also need a classic version without all these new wave bells and whistles. New version is so overly gamified with add one and coin nonsense. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TURN OFF “MATCH OF THE DAY”?

Game won’t load!

Just downloaded to play with my sister in another state... Can't get past the main screen. Snowflakes and colors, please fix. Have restarted numerous times, just deleted with intent to reload and try again but unsure if I should waste my time. Not a good first impression....

No more confirmation on “play”

Twice I’ve accidentally brushed the play button when moving tiles onto the board. And of course, when working around a premium area. Please put the confirmation back in place! Then I’ll revise my review to 5 stars.

Stop Audio Ads

It’s 3am. You have insomnia. You’re lying awake in bed next to your partner. Might as well play some WWF. You make sure your phone is on mute because your partner is sleeping. You play your word...AND THE PHONE EXPLODES WITH AN AD WAKING YOUR PARTNER UP. WTActualF?? I get that you make money from the ads but forcing us to listen to them is criminally wrong and forces people to play it LESS because they have to play it in private.

WWF dictionary and daily match poor

So “fomo” is acceptable but “funder” isn’t. Really?!? Do better Words With Friends. Spend as much time on improving and expanding the dictionary as is devoted to all the ads, bells and whistles. At bottom, this is supposed to be a WORD game. The daily match feature needs significant developer attention. All too often the matches are completely imbalanced. Today I was matched with someone whose average score was 300 lower than my own. A match like that is not fun for either party. Also, 4/5 of my daily matches time out because the other party has no interest in playing. Those are waste of my time. This feature needs improvement.


“Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi”

Bring back the old game!!!

I don't care about goals, prizes, or mystery boxes. And I'm sick of all of the popups and promotions (in the paid, ad-free version). I just want to play the game. Nothing else. Unfortunately, there's not an option for that. I'm starting to look at other, less obtrusive apps (like Word Chums). It's too bad really, especially since I've played Words With Friends for many years now.

iPhone X

Amazing game. But would love if it was optimized for the iPhone X, it would look beautiful full screen.

Bad ads

Great game. Had an advert for hush that was unskipable and unmutable. Annoyed me as much to take the time to write this review.

Groundhog Day

The update is horrible. I enjoyed the new features at first, now I'm always frustrated. I will get the notification that it's my turn, play my word, and then get a new notification. But guess what??? It never recorded my word so I'm left playing the same turn over and over and over again. I'll try one more uninstall/reinstall and then I'm finished.

No Technical Support

I have had WWF since it came out. I have paid for the app and in app purchases. Recently I downloaded another Zynga App but it forced me to create a password. It wouldn’t let me get back into my WWF game. I lost all of my games, stats and purchases. I have emailed multiple times and began tweeting at them. I have received zero! responses...over two weeks now.

Way too many ads

This game is awesome but there are way too many ads. It’s literally after every game. Can’t they be more spaced out? There should also be more opportunities to win/earn coins.

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