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Love this Game

I have played this game a long time . I would love to have the badge amount lower , sometimes our people cannot play and it is frustrated to miss our badge by 1,000 points , my friend in Australia , has not earned a badge forever and her points have not gone down by much , she is frustrated too . We love to show off the cute badges to friends , then they want to play also . I love the mini events the best , I do get those badges and I am very Happy💖💐just try and cap the points to 25,000 it would then be awesome 😘😘🌈🌈💖💖 have a blessed week 💖


I have over 50 games going & love Words!

No more Daily challenges???

Update 6/20. Now lightning round is 5 coins each? I’ll be visiting words with friends 2 a lot less frequently. Was the best part of the app. Oh well. Why?? You guys were on the right track! I so much more looked forward to this game with the three daily challenges on top of the bonus claim. Totally disappointed that it has now vanished. Bad move!

Best game ever!!

I am addicted! Super fun game!!

My fav

This is my fav game to okay. It’s challenging and easy to play!

Words with Friends

Keeps my mind active. Also, very addictive. Love it!

Words with Friends

I love this game! I enjoy the competition. My pet peeve is having someone play a word for a lot of points and when you look it up you discover that there is currently no definition. If there’s no definition it isn’t a word and should not be allowed!

My New Hobby

I love playing WWF. Not only is it entertaining but it keeps my mind agile. I’ve also made friends on-line, one who visits me every now and then. Such a fun game!


I find it extremely annoying that it accepts words that are not correct words and doesn’t accept some words that are most definitely words!

So addictive

This game has been a favorite of mine for years but with all the recent updates and upgrades to the game it’s becoming an addiction, in a good way 🙂

Words With Friends

Lots of fun and good for my brain.


Loving playing with so many friends and family from all over the country! It’s the next best thing to family game night!

Words with friends

Great way to pass time, while sitting in hospital

Men using this as a Date Site.

I love, love this game, but I’m going to take my photo down. Too many older men keep hitting on me & I feel cat-fished. It’s annoying & makes me feel creepy.


Good brain food.....Cx

Best fun with friends across the country

Keeps your brain working, and keeps you in touch with family and friends who are far away. It is like visiting with those you miss.

Words with friends 2

I’m so glad you asked! I have been playing words with friend for years and loved it, but every since you changed to words 2, I have been thinking about finding a different game to play. The letters we get now are terrible. Sometimes I get 5 of the same letter a lot of the times I get all vowels or no vowels! I know it’s just so we will have to pay money to get decent letters. I’m not the only one who feels this way, all I’m asking as that it goes back to the way it was. Thanks for asking

Love this game😍

I have played this game for at least 14 years. I now play it on two different iPads. On the newer one y’all took away all of the points that I had,,,I’ve built them back up some but what happened to those 500 points that I had? Ms Pepau Cantwell

Fun, but too many nonsense words allowed

The algorithm is flawed when so many nonsense words are allowed. It is frustrating to do the mental gymnastics to come up with a great work to play, and then an opponent strings letters together to make a nonsense word that the game allows as a valid play. So frustrating! I’ve reported it, and I have several screenshots of the words, but it still isn’t fixed. I’ve played for years - this seems to be a recent issue in the past few month.

Keeping Sharp!!!

Important to keeping the mind busy!!!

Keeps your brain working.

Makes you think about words and spelling. Great for us older folks to keep our minds active.

Fun game

I love playing words with friends, but the pop ups and adds are super annoying.

Challenging Fun!

Love the ability to play all the rounds with friends, solo challenge, and lightening round. New opportunities to earn coins for daily goals is encouraging!

No ads version

If there were a no ads version I might actually pay for this app


This is a great game to play with family, friends and other players. Great side games and challenges. Keeps your mind active and expands your vocabulary!

Great way to keep your mind active

Challenging and tests your vocabulary skills

Changes not good

Enjoy the game when you could actually earn badges. Have been stuck on over 9000 points for months. Used to be they would drop it down reasonably not just 1

Fun . Need more

This game is fun , I do wish it had more solo modes and/or chances for rewards



Pamper ad

I’ve tried to change the ad choices but I only get Pampers ad constantly. No kids and I don’t know of anyone with kids. So sick of this ad!

Words for friends

Amazing game and thank you very much

Words 2

This version is much better than the first ones. Love playing with friends.

Great but too many ads

I love love love playing WWF but there’s way too many ads. Charging $9.99 a month is ridiculous, too.

Trouble in Paradise

I keep getting white screens and have to delete the game and reinstall it. When I do that Zi often lose the games I have been playing or find different versions on my I pad.. When it runs smoothly it was nothin g but fun . But those days seem to have ended.


I like Words with Friends, but I do find that if I play too often I get bored and then I don’t take the time to look for words and I tend to just play the first or second word I find that works, so I end up with less points than I would get if I spent a little more time looking for a better word to play.

Great Fun

Great fun and educational too.

Great game!

The only issue I have is that you can’t play “big people words”. Words are words and it shouldn’t be up to a game maker that uses a Scrabble Board as their format to decide on what legitimate words can be played.


I love playing this game but PLEASE cut out all the commercials.

Love the game but not Con men and scammers

I’ve been playing this game for a few years and although I love this game, except for 1 man, I quit playing guys. I only play my family and close friends. I don’t know how long this has been going on, but most of the guys are trying to scam women. I must admit that I almost fell for it but my radar went off just win time. All I have to say is women be ware!


Way too many ads. I don’t listen to any of them.


Why are there so many annoying ads. They waste my time and kills my experience.

Love it!

It’s so addicting and works your brain.


I would’ve given the game 5 stars any day - until I got on today and saw they’re charging coins for the lightening round now.

Big Stink





I wish the app wasn't $10, otherwise I'd buy it


This is the only game I play on line. A great game.

Words With Friends

So much fun! Thank you:)


If the game developer is going to make you view the ads make sure the ads work. I have started having trouble with the ads locking up my iPad causing me to have to shut down and restart.


Love it!

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