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Always winter

Even in summer game freezes almost once a day

Good game, bad ads

While I understand the necessity of ads due to the game being free, many times after I play a turn, when the ad is supposed to pop up, I merely receive a black screen. Such forces me to close the app and reload it in order to use the app again. This wouldn’t be much of an issue if it didn’t happen so consistently with apparently nothing being done to successfully fix it.

Lose the flash!

I love WWF and have had games going constantly for years. However, I find the recent rewards between moves disruptive to an otherwise relaxing experience. Would love to see a way to opt out of this newfangled glitz.

Pyramid game pop up

I just rejoined WWF after a couple year hiatus. It is very annoying that I play my word and I get sent to “download a Pyramid solitaire game” and it won’t go away. Annoying so much I may remove game again. Get rid of it. I just want to play scrabble with my mom. I paid for the last version so I wouldn’t have ads. Didn’t find that option in App Store this time. More is not better.

I want to play the game

And not be plagued by mystery boxes that never go away

STRIKE & Scammer Alert

STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE! It appears that Zynga is ignoring the masses who comment about their dislike of the ads, permissible words and numerous annoying extras cluttering the game. We need to go on playing strike until the developers listen. STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE! How many times do any of us think... “I like repetitive ads”, “I enjoy having my game interrupted for reward updates”, “I wish Zynga gave me even more taps to delay getting back to gameplay!”, “Why don’t they offer us more challenges that distract from game play?”, “I wish I could see more bouncing boxes!”, “Zynga should cram in one more thing at the top of the page to distract from gameplay”, “I can’t wait until we have to collect apples or pumpkins instead of seeds, eggs, mittens!”..etc, etc. **************WARNING***************** SAFETY—-Many players have noticed a recent surge of FRAUDS! Go ahead and google “Words With Friends Scammers”— plenty of info about it. Both men and women are targeted (especially women). I’ve gotten as many as ten bogus invites a day! Everyone needs to be aware of these scammers who immediately start chatting, frequently using “my dear”, “my darling”, “beautiful”, etc. They are easy to recognize:::: really attractive (STOLEN) profile picture, the player recently began playing, very few wins or badges, low number of unique words, etc. Scammer falls immediately in love with you and wants to chat via another method. Offers up his/her life story to you with many details. Often lives in a remote area:: on an oil rig or on active military duty in the Middle East, claims to be an engineer. Claims to be orphaned, widowed or divorced, has children in boarding school. Soon, the kids need emergency money but Scammer’s account is frozen because of employer issues, but will soon return to the states and needs to borrow funds from you. {NEWSFLASH—-NO ONE IN THAT SITUATION IS WITHOUT FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES/ ALTERNATE MEANS OF ASSISTANCE!}...Other scenarios, also: maybe needs safety equipment/new phone, travel money. etc. The scammer requests either bank routing numbers, a prepaid credit or gift card numbers, or even an iTunes card. I suggest you immediately decline these game invites, then go to the completed games section to check out their stats. If it resembles what I’ve said, IMMEDIATELY BLOCK that person! NEVER give out personal info! NEVER NEVER NEVER! And if you are naive (stupid) enough to allow contact, immediately request a right-now selfie with a sheet of paper that has today’s date, and a random phrase of your choosing...”Today the kitten barked”. If he/she cannot provide it, for whatever reason, (work, broke camera, etc) BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK and be smart enough to have captured their profile name to report to ZYNGA! ***Developers, bring back the ability to preview the profile of the player who has initiated a game. We used to be able to do this before deciding to accept or decline. DICTIONARY—-What dictionary does Zynga use??? The developers permit numerous words that are obscure, random, foreign, some proper nouns, many abbreviations and even acronyms—-it’s just not right, and neither is permitting a word that cannot be defined. And why not accept the abbreviation of OK for okay? ADIOS is allowed for American play but not HOLA??? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! So inconsistent. SWAPS—-Ever since the Swap Plus feature arrived, the algorithm of dealt letters has changed. Never used to get so many useless sets of letter combos. (EEEEUI, DRRDXZC, OIOICVV, DNRDNRQ, etc) There have been too many times that a Swap has resulted in the same exact letters! :-( I’m sure Zynga wants us to use real money to buy their coins to purchase more Swap Plus. BADGES—-If Zynga is going to force players to earn points to receive a badge, then at least don’t increase the weekly total to an unattainable level. Don’t get me wrong, I play frequently and often max out in number of games, but I’m not going to spend every spare moment I have to get a frivolous badge. I’m an adult, not a toddler learning to potty train, I don’t want USELESS rewards. COINS—-Frequent, and long-term players should be rewarded more coins. STREAKS—-Why bother counting streaks? It gives no incentive, it’s just a useless count. FRIENDS—- Refresh the list of possible new opponents more often. Let me have three choices,,,, Male, Female or Random. We used to have those options “back in the day.” EXTRAS—- Please Zynga, stop with all the annoying extras. Scrabble purists don’t want them. Go ahead——charge us a one-time, affordable fee, then leave out all the nonsense. Give us a sharp, uncluttered board. (FYI, I have played since 2010 and I am grand-fathered into ad-free version, but would never pay $10 a month or buy coins). SOLO BOTS—-The solo challenge against the bots is just rigged. I’m not spending earned coins to play sooner, only lose again to words that shouldn’t be permitted. My pet peeve about the bots...I initiated the bot challenge, therefore, I should be able to take my turn first! And now I just encountered an option to pay 30 coins to take an extra turn against the BOT!! No way!!! If any app creators out there want to make a wildly popular game, create a version of this game that is not so greedy and childish-looking, then pay for mass-marketing. Soon you will have a bigger following than WWF. That’s about it...for now. I won’t hold my breath waiting for a response from Zynga.

You have to be kidding me!

I worked long and hard to rise to the top and beat Rockstar Rick. When I finally did it, I was rewarded with the app crashing before I could open the victory chest to all the riches in the virtual world. I am extremely displeased with Words and am experiencing mental turmoil looming over me as I try to preform daily menial tasks.

Support system for app

When there is an issue with the game, there should be a way to report a problem within the app. I am creating words, but they are taking a long time to be added to the daily rewards, which is making it hard to figure out how many more words I need to complete the reward. I completed 2 challenges & never received my rewards. This was today at around 5:15pm still annoyed that I can’t contact tech support from the app.

Length of time between moves

Fun game, just takes some people literally days to move! The automatic forfeit should come after 2 days of zero moves, not 12!

Pop ups? Taking me out of the app to App Store? WITHOUT CLICKING ANYTHING?!!

This is a fun game. I convinced my wife to play and I have had a great time playing with family and friends... until today. I started a solo game and the app started to play an ad. Then it opened the App Store. I clicked back to the game and it immediately opened a safari browser, over and over again. Finally, I got a pop up notification- virus style. No thanks. Reel in your advertising. Deleted.

No Reward!

I love WWF, but there are issues. Spend your coins to play and win all of of the levels of Word Masters, and they skip the reward you were playing to achieve. Disappointing.


Ties in the Word Master challenge should get a replay for free.

A few glitches

I generally love this game. However when it is time for a solo game, it won’t load on time. Sometimes have to wait several hours past the time it is available.

Automatic transfer to naked girls pics

I love playing this game, I play it very often. Buuuut, today, for the first time after I finish my turn in a game, I was transferred automatically without me touching anything to a page with naked girls pics. I closed it and go back to the game, it transferred me again me again to a dating site. I have underage kids and I really don’t want them to go or see these things, hence the takeaway of 1 star. Other than that, this is one of my favorite game.

Annoying Rewards POP UPS

Everyone I play with is fed up with the annoying Rewards pop ups. I don’t know Anyone who likes or used these stupid distractions. Please recode WWF2 settings so users can turn off these annoyances.

Money Money Money.

I finally see how you make money off these ads. It’s still a little bit fun, but every move, an ad just bombards your screen. you must make ten dollars by the time a game finishes just from ads, not counting in-app purchases

Stop sending me to the App Store.

Repeatedly I he last few versions will kick me off to the App Store for no reason. The app they send me to isn’t even the one being advertised. It’s not uncommon for me to get out of there multiple times, only to be kicked back again for yet a different app. And yes, I cleaned my screen.

Disappointed in update

Played Words Pro for years. It stopped working with my IOS update. Had to switch to this version. The good- my matches transferred, and a green or red circle lets me know if my word is acceptable as I build it. The bad- ads between games, awards, and flashy graphics. These all distract from the written word- which is the draw of the game.

Crashes & will not start

Love this game but recently having problems with starting the game. When opening the app, it does not load completely.

Was once good

Get rid of all the extraneous awards or I’m deleting WWF2. It’s very distracting and annoying.


I could play the game when I downloaded it. But after closing it when I open I get a blank game screen and have no access to my current active games.

Basic game is great but...

I have been playing WWF for years and love it, but these new additions of coins, rewards and side games are so annoying! My coin quota is full because I do not use them, but I still have to go through the process of acknowledging and opening them to continue play. Please add an option button to turn them off.

Very buggy

Latest releases have been really buggy, I lost a few games with one opponent, poof. When a game ends and I rematch, the old game hangs around. Many rewards show strings that are codes, I’m sure they are for localization, but you missed putting the real strings in.

Tons of errors and they delete reviews

My review has now been removed SIX times now. I have had to copy and paste it separately because I know it will be taken down, though I am not violating any terms. So! Pay attention to the number of points it takes you to earn badges. People who play more have to earn thousands more to get the same badges and rewards that someone who doesn’t play often will receive after only earning a few hundred points. Customer service claims that this keeps gameplay exciting, but it actually discourages users from playing since the rewards and badges are harder to obtain the more points you earn. In addition to this, the app is riddled with ads and the words that are considered playable seem to be chosen at random. Some foreign words are allowed while others aren’t—theres no rhyme or reason. Another example of the ridiculousness: “newbie” is a word but the plural, “newbies” is not (though it is now since I emailed them). It makes no sense at all and speaks to the overall quality of this game. There are frequently typos within the challenges. The people whose job it is to create content for a spelling game don’t even care about spelling. I’ve pointed out two errors and both times, the errors were corrected and my reviews mysteriously disappeared. Please voice your opinion on the quality of this app and remember to save your review elsewhere so you can repost when it is removed.

Bs in app purchases

First of all I purchased words with friends so I wouldn’t have to look at ads after every turn. Instead of ads now I get mystery boxes which are their way of trying to get you to spend more money on the game through micro transactions. If the mystery boxes were in a tab that I had to physically click on it would be ok but they make it where you have to click on them after your turn. It’s also bs that they started this cheat to win system by giving perks like word radar, hindsight, and swap but keep your turn. I think you should have the option of knowing if your opponent is using those perks on their turn. I don’t use them and honestly don’t want to play with anyone that does. Just let me play the game the way it’s meant to be played without all the bs in app microtransactions.

Start listening to your players!

I am glad to see I’m not alone in hating all the extra crap clogging up the games. Now people can pay money to cheat (buying coins to swap without losing your turn etc.) I refuse to play any random games anymore. I am down to the two players that I have been playing for over 8 years. I see you have replied to a few complaints about the “mystery boxes” and “coins.” All you say is “we are listening and will continue to improve,” and “other people like the challenges, we want everyone happy.” I understand you need to make changes to the games to keep it fresh and flashy for the people with low attention spans. Here is your solution: Make the challenges, coins, mystery boxes.....OPTIONAL! It’s a quick fix. You can make it opt out like all of the other changes through the years. That way you can keep everyone happy. I see you are losing a ton of people due to ad problems as well as seeing some reviews that you are charging a monthly fee to be ad-free. Thank god I’m grandfathered in or I would be deleting for sure. In fact, if it weren’t for the two people I’ve been playing with for years I would be done. Get your ducks in a row here. I imagine your download numbers are suffering. This is an easy problem to fix.

Bugs need fixed!

Luv the game and been playing for years but am getting the same group of people to chose from and the random picks show searching for 3 players and is locked so have no choices that way either and can not get that removed. Also dont like the new collections ad there is never any rewards with them. Am searching for a new game due to these bugs.

Solo challenges annoying

I want to be able to opt out of these without having to resign! Please fix.


Please make the rewards an option so one can opt out of this annoying distraction to the real fun of the game!

Game Freezes Up

Ever since the last update I keep getting an error message which prevents one ordinary game from loading: “Oops—something went wrong.” Turning off my iPad and rebooting the game does not work to fix the problem.

Fun but flawed

Since when are acronyms accepted as words? Also how are the bots able to play undefined words and foreign words and proper nouns but we cant use the in regular play? There needs to be a challenge button

annoying when robot cheats

8/12...now every single game I play against the bot has at least one word that can’t be defined. Why can the in-game bot use words that i cannot? And why would you allow the in-game bot to use words that “are not yet defined”. CLEAN UP THE GAME. It’s mostly fun, but those cheating moments are just messed up.

Really want to play but...

Mine keeps glitching out and won’t let me sync any of my contacts in my phone or on Facebook?? Would really like to play with my friends...

Update is HORRIBLE

So many pop ups and ads I am deleting!!!


I love this app. It’s fun to play random people from around the world. Every time I go into a game, I get redirected to apps in the AppStore. I have gotten some boss app and wishbone. Now when I press certain letter, like “C”, it takes me to apps in the AppStore. I don’t appreciate you guys taking me away from your app without my permission. I don’t think this is right and your company needs to work on this ASAP!

Mediocre at best

I used to really like the game, but nowadays, not only do you have to wait for ads between each move, but you also have to wait for all the stupid and trivial awards to be handed out. I wish they would bring back the option to buy the game and get rid of the ads, instead of the money grab they do now, where you can pay monthly to get rid of ads. This game is not worthy of a subscription type payment system. Sorry not sorry

Really fun

I love this game! My friends and I play this a lot and we have some pretty heated games! My only suggestion is to make a correct a few words on it. It says that the following words are not valid: yeet, yoink, zoink, and a few others. YEET IS A WORD MAKE IT A WORD PLEASE!!!!!! But otherwise great game!

Dictionary is ridiculous.

Seriously, it’s awful.

Ads Still Here

I paid to remove ads in the original WWF, but now it says that option is unavailable. It wouldn’t even be a problem if there weren’t ads after every single move.


I was kicked out the first time I left! I will go up to five if u fix that and give me time cuz that needs to be fixed and it isn’t storage

Love the game..BUT

I’ve been playing for nearly two years and really love the game. It’s very well designed and is the only game I play. I am a reader and I love words. However, with that said, I have a huge issue with the ads. They were not this bad when I began but they have become so bad that I’m thinking seriously about quitting. When I started they offered an ad free game for $9.99 but I thought an occasional ad wasn’t a problem. Now you get ads after every single play, and often, a black screen for 10-15 seconds and then an ad. Some are also quite lengthy. For me, this has become a deal breaker. I would gladly pay the $9.99 now to get rid of them but it is no longer offered. UPDATE: August 12, 2018 Well, now I see you’re offering a $9.99 bundle including coins and ad free play... FOR THIRTY DAYS! I’m sorry, I paid it for one month and it was a blessed relief! But, who would pay $120 dollars a year to play! And now to add insult to injury, when I play with someone new to earn a 10 coin reward, it says GREAT! You’ve earned 10 coins, BUT I NEVER GET THEM. I JUST EARNED MY WEEKLY BADGE. NO COINS ADDED! What is this now, a SCAM?

Can’t even Add

The app froze up on me so I deleted it & tried to add it again on my I Phone6 but now it won’t even let me add the app , sigh !

Ad attack

The ads are so frequent and long i had to stop this game. Frankly it is unreasonable.

Ads make it unplayable

Fun game, but the ads and cross selling are so annoying it’s unplayable. Oh, and there is no ad free version. What does that tell you.

Ads ruin the game

The ads are intentionally deceptive. They should have uniformity of interface to close.

Recent Update Doesn’t Update My Turn Notifications

Since the last update, the app doesn’t update notifications. My iPad home screen still shows the red bubble on the app icon that it’s my turn when it isn’t. This feature used to update automatically but now I have to go back a page to make the app update. I’ve had the paid version for years but I’m not liking this version. I also HATE all the gimmicky “you’ve earned X items”. These are utterly useless to me and annoying.

Game good, notification bubble bad!

Game is exactly what you’d expect, a quality, multiplayer crossword experience. For whatever reason, I occasionally get a notification bubble that won’t disappear. It’s quite annoying. Furthermore, a legitimate notification bubble when it’s your turn won’t go away until you’ve played your turn AND returned to the main screen. Make it go away either when you’ve viewed the game in which it’s your turn, or after you’ve played you turn, regardless of wether you return to the home screen or not.


Coin Boxes are an annoying distraction and the math doesn’t add up. Go find another scrabble game. This one was good a year ago, now it’s ruined.


Why am I losing coins that I’m not using? Do you pay to play an opponent? What’s up with that


Please stop forcing players you're suggesting we play down our throats with the "Your Move" status.

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